Technical Support


QThe power indicator and the screen are not on after turning on the power button.
ACharge the battery or replace a fully-charged battery.
QSRED alarm doesn't beep after replacing the sensing element with the reference standard to calibrate.
AThe screw isn't tightened which cause air leakage after replacing the new sensing element(for SRED-I).Please tighten the screw.
QThe wireless earphone doesn't work after switching on.
AOnce turning on the wireless earphone, the signal of earphone tries to connect the SRED. If it fails to connect, the earphone would switch off.  So switch the SRED on first and then turn the earphone power on. 
QThe alarm signal of the wireless earphone inside can't be received by SRED outside.
AThe signal of The wireless earphone with 2.4G communication technology doesn’t have the capability of penetrating walls. Make sure the SRED and the wireless earphone can’t be blocked by wall during use.
QSRED alarm continuously keeps beeping after turning on the power.
The working environment may be contaminated by explosives. Set a low sensitivity mode to eliminate the environmental impact.


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